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~ Reference Does ~

Camanna RM Sing Hallelujah!
VVEV 87 (FS @ 5-05)
DOB:  2/17/2014

Sire:  Pholia Farm SMRD Reliance Moon 

SS:  SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby +*B Elite

SD:  Pholia Farm HB Grenache 7*M VVVV 85

Dam:  CH Camanna CS Acapella

DS:  TX Twincreeks AB Crescendo +B

DD:  SG  HBF L.S. Impressive Encore VEEV 87

Heidrun Sumatra
DOB:  4/23/2015

Sire:  Caprikodas Lancelot VEE 90

SS:  Caprinos TMM Magnum EEE 91

SD:  Camanna FR Vienna   

Dam:  Wags Ranch SH Java Blues 

DS:  M.R. Sparrow's Heartthrobblues  

DD:  Wags Ranch MB Choc-O-Latte

Franke Farm B Vanellope VS
DOB:  2/21/2016

Sire:  Castle Rock Bugatti *B VEE 90

SS:  Castle Rock Wild & Crazy Guy *B

SD:  GCH CRF Castle Rock Tesla 2*M VVEE 89

Dam:  Gladdie Acres HB Eye Candy 

DS:  GCH Piddlin Acres Hit The Bullseye *B EEE 90

DD:  North Fork Tequila Sunrise ++++ 81

New Creations JS Midnight Sun
++VA 8(2-01)
DOB:  5/26/2017

Sire:  New Creations BB Josiah *B

SS:  Caprinos RI Barbarosa *B VVV86

SD:  Pholia Farm Baklava 3*M VVVV88

DS:  Phantasma MD Abraham Dream

DD: Mystic Acres Pandemonium

~ Reference Bucks ~

IMG_1522 (2).JPG
Castle Rock Huron Sunset *B
*Polled & Blue Eyes*
++V 83 (1-04)
DOB:  2/11/2015

Sire:  SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage ++*B *S Elite

SS:  Castle Rock Tanzanite +*B  

SD:  SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 1*M VEEE 91

Dam:  GCH CRF Castle Rock Sun Saphire 2*M *D VVEV 88

DS:  CRF Castle Rock Cobalt *B  

DD:  TX Twincreeks WDF Sunsprite 1*M VVVV 87

New Creations RM Monet II *B
DOB:  2/06/2013

Sire:  Rosasharn SP Monet *S*B VVE 87

SS:  ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo ++B/+*S

SD:  Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly 2*M 4*D EEE+ 88

Dam:  SG Medallion Ridge Tort Faith 1*M VEEV 88 

DS:  Twin Creeks Fax Tortuga

DD:  Medallion Ridge CH Chardonnay

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