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Puppy Purchasing

Our kennel rules are designed for the protection of our dogs and puppies as well as your own protection, so please read them carefully.

Kennel Rules and Dog Information


1) We don't allow visitation to our farm. Why?  Biosecurity!  Diseases can lurk on your clothing and shoes, our little pups don't have any immunity built up until they have a minimum of one shot and much better two in their systems, till then mom's milk is the only thing providing any immunity and we have no way of measuring that to know that she is providing. We had an incident a few years ago where a person brought in kennel cough on their shoes and it infected our pups causing deaths and hundreds of dollars of vet bills to save the others and to get rid of it in our adult dogs. We aren't willing to risk that again. The other reason is due to increased risk of theft and home invasion, we are following the advice of our local law enforcement agencies and not tell everyone where we live. We had some pups stolen from us because we cannot always be home and they watched and waited and stole! We aren't going there again. If there is a puppy that is 8 weeks old with the two shots that isn't already reserved, we can meet you and show you the pup or you can meet at my daughter's home to see the pup or pups. We can definitely arrange that. We can also arrange video clips and 360 picture views of puppies for you as well. Just let us know.

2) When we not bring your dog. Introducing your dog to a new puppy needs to be done in a secure environment where your dog feels safe and non-threatened. All animals in your household will take time to adjust to a new puppy.


3) Kids are fun to watch. Watch yours. I will not allow your children to pick up one of my puppies unless that child has properly disinfected it's hands and is sitting on the ground. I don't want a dropped puppy with a broken leg or worse.


4) If I have pups that are 8 weeks of age or older, who are not reserved and you wish to view, let me know. Pick two that you would like to see and we will arrange to meet you or have you come over and show you the pups. However, I request that you be wearing clean clothing and we will request that you disinfect your hands prior to touching the pups. It is also best if the adults do the choosing of a pup. It is so sad to have a little girl or boy have a favorite puppy and mom and dad decide on another, take that one and leave the child devastated! Actually, it is probably best not to bring the kids. They will be happy with ANY puppy that you bring home and you will save yourself and your kids a lot of grief! Older kids...that is another matter, they are old enough to understand certain choices that you may make and not be heart broken by it.


5) Since we are a working farm, please respect our time. Feel free to research regarding the Bostons Terriers online, if you have questions, email us. We will be happy to answer your emails.


6) We are a small breeder so do not have puppies available at all times, please email to see if we will have any available any time soon if there aren't any shown on the site.


7) We accept no personal checks except for down payments, that have time to clear through the bank prior to pick up of the puppy. Cash please or paypal as a friend or relative.




1) Our dogs are as carefully selected for their health and quality. We do not currently do genetic testing as there are so few problems that this can identify. Instead our dogs come from quality stock that goes back generations and have been identified to not present with many of the common complaints of Boston Terriers.


2) Kennels are an important tool for a professional. Forget the old wive's tale that if you have a kennel you are a puppy mill. If you breed junk you are a puppy mill, even if you have one litter. Stud males unfortunately urinate all over to mark territory. A breeder who doesn't have a kennel either has to cage the stud or he will pee all over the house. Why do you think boy dogs get such a bad name? Because people keep them without neutering them and they are only doing what nature tells them to do (marking their territory). Neuter your male dog early and you most likely won't have a problem.


3) Our puppies are sold to be beloved house pets and we do breed with the goal of  meeting breed standards and wonderful personalities. We do not guarantee our puppies to be of show quality. Only a small percent of all puppies born of any breed are truly show quality.


5) Dogs are not vegetarians and need meat sources of food. Check your food when purchased to see that is doesn't contain primarily cereal. Premium food is worth the price. Don't feed your dog table scraps unless you want a vet bill. Dog food is formulated to dog's nutritional needs! Raw meat fads are causing liver disease in dogs, Wet food is causing digestive disease..good hard kibble is best.


6) Beware of people who offer stud service and don't breed their own dogs with lover boy. What do they care if Fido throws hereditary disorders? Remember, dogs too have diseases that can be passed on by bodily fluids!


7) If I feel uncomfortable with talking to you, I probably won't sell to you. I will be asking questions regarding the type of atmosphere the puppy will be living in. It is most important to me to know the lifestyle of the family that will receive one of my pups. I want to match the lifestyle with the personality of the pup so that you have the best fit possible. After all, the next 15 years are going to be spent at your home. They have only spent 8 weeks being hand raised at mine!