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Boston Terrier Puppies

I'm assuming that if you've made it this far, you've done some research on the characteristics of Boston Terriers so I won't go into too much detail on that.  If not, here are a couple of links to get you started with more in depth information.  While I find them to be amazing little companions, it's very important to make sure that this breed is a good match for YOU and YOUR lifestyle. / /


  • Friendly, amusing, loyal & loves to cuddle - amazing family dogs

  • Small & compact

  • Moderate energy level 

  • Intelligent and easily trained

  • Good for city or county living

  • Require light grooming, shed minimally & don't have a strong dog odor  

  • Relatively quiet - they aren't yappy or prone to excessive barking


  • Can be stubborn and take longer to housetrain

  • Can be sensitive

  • Can be prone to obesity, eye and respiratory issues

  • Flatulence, snoring and/or occasional drooling 

  • Due to their short muzzles they don't respond well to long workouts or extreme heat

  • They are in-door dogs and they don't have the proper coat to protect them against the elements

  • Terrible guard dogs - they may alert you that someone is visiting but that's it.

  • Often suffer from allergies requiring a diet that aids in digestion & skin/coat care


  • A gentle but stern handling/training

  • Stimulation and proper exercise to keep them from being too high strung, about 30-60 minutes a day

  • Proper nutrition and immunizations 

  • Socialization with people and other animals

  • Due to their thin coats, they like a warm coat or sweater in cold winter temperatures

  • Lots of love, security and snuggles!

Puppy Socialization Info: HERE


Shown below is the most recent litter(s) with the availability of each pup.  Please make sure to visit our Puppy Purchasing page.

~ Litters Pending or Available ~

IMG_4281 (2).JPG
Remington (Roley Poley Frenchies)

Dam:  SK's Lucy-Licious (CKC)

Sire:  Remington (a Blue Fawn of Roley Poley Frenchies carrying Chocolate, Coco, and Fluffy)


Status:  AI'd 10/26 - Ultrasound Pending

Due:  12/28/22


Breed: Frenchton (50/50)

Litter Registration: N/A

Puppy Price: $1,200

Boys Born: 

Girls Born:  

Wait List: 

Owner (female)

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