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Page Updated:  11/26/2023

Please visit the SALES POLICY page for all information related to purchasing an animal from us.

If you are new to goats, please see our
BASIC CARE & GENERAL INFO page as well as the FAVORITE LINKS page for helpful information to prepare for bringing your new goats home!

~ Available 2023 Doe Kids ~

Sold Out

~ Available 2023 Buck Kids ~

Sold Out

~ Available 2023 Wethers ~

Sold Out

~ Available Does ~

Sunset Knoll BM Mystic Melody

GVGV83 @ 2-01

DOB:  5/18/2021

Sire:  Elfin Acres BR Beaumont *B

Dam:  Camanna HS Piper +83 (FF @ 2-02)

$400 - has been exposed to CUatLilRedBarn Hoke & has not come back into heat.  Due 2/19/2024.



Misty, despite having my favorite 1st freshening udder this year is being let go simply because she's a bit flighty at times.  More often than not, she's at the gate waiting for her turn to milk... but those times she decides she's not in the mood are what have landed her at the bottom of my favorites list.  Once caught she is absolutely cooperative.  We've even leased her to two different 4H kids for fair the last 2 years and she behaved really well for them.  Also, she's a complete outcross from the direction I've taken my herd as I focus on particular genetics.


Misty scored pretty well under the new Linear Appraisal Scoring system (no longer giving younger animals the benefit of being immature and scoring all animals more evenly against the expectations of a mature animal).  She was pushed off of a platform July 2022 and walked away limping.  She suffered an injury to her front left elbow and occasionally hangs her leg when it's sore.  Her legs as shown from this recent photo are still nice and straight and judges haven't noticed it in the ring.  I do think that her posture is slightly effected by the way she shifts her weight off her front leg and is effecting her shoulders & back a bit but her gait is uneffected.


Misty has been one of my favorites to milk.  She lets down easily with large orifices, soft udder texture and well placed teats.  Zero complaints in that department!

Misty easily kidded twins as a 2 year old first freshener and was a great mother.  She will make a very nice brood doe and milker.  Currently still in milk and on test; her daughter is available to help nurse her if needed.

~ Available Bucks ~

CUatLilRedBarn Hoke VVV86

DOB:  3/19/2020

Sire: CUatLilRedBarn Fred VVV86

Dam:  CUatLilRedBarn Driv Ms. Daizy 4*M VVEE89


Hoke will be available in December after he covers my does.

~ Dam ~

CUatLilRedBarn Driv Ms Daizy 4M VVEE89 at 3.jpg
Hoke's Dam 4F

CUatLilRedBarn Driv Ms. Daizy 4*M VVEE89 @ 3

6th place 3yo at 2021 ADGA Nat'l Show

(Photos courtesy of Lil' Red Barn)

~ Sire's Dam ~

Sires dam GCH CUatLilRedBarn Abby 1M EEEE91
Sire's Dam.jpg

GCH CU at Lil'Red Barn Abby 1*M EEEE91

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