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Page Updated:  4/05/22

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~ Available 2022 Kids ~


This sweet, affectionate, attention-craving little feller will make a wonderful addition to a herd looking to improve upon dairy character, udder attachments and teat placement.  

I very rarely offer up a buck in tact but with his pedigree and when the 2 leading ladies behind him look like these gals, it'd be a crying shame to wether him.  I contemplated keeping him for myself but can't justify having an additional buck who's so closely related for my small herd.

He has his dam's length of body matched with his sire's width and a great little personality.


Sunset Knoll BH Ichabod Crane

DOB:  3/29/2022

Sire:  HetlandCreek ZZ Black Hawk *B

Dam:  Old Mountain Farm Stag Fille

~ Dam ~
Old Mountain Farm Stag Fille

Old Mountain Farm Stag Fille
Old Mountain Farm Stag Fille (4F, 21 days fresh, twins)

~ Sire's Dam ~
HetlandCreek HB Swan Harmonica 6*M VVEE90

1st place 3yo at 2019 ADGA Nat'l Show

GCH Hetlandcreek HB Swan Harmonica_edited.jpg
GCH Hetlandcreek HB Swan Harmonica

Photos courtesy of HetlandCreek

~ Available Adult Does ~

Bellafire EN Saltwater Taffy

Bellafire EN Saltwater Taffy

DOB:  4/09/2019

Sire:  Algedi Farm DJ Encore *B V86 (@ 1-01)

Dam:  Bellafire BP Gidget 1*M V87

$450 (open)

Taffy is such a sweetheart, very cooperative and a pleasure on the stand.  She's still in milk and nursing her latest kid who is of weaning age.  I stopped milking Taffy recently in order to start focusing on the arrival of kids.  Due to the extra littles that will bounding about shortly, I need space. 


When I brought Taffy in it was for the wonderful herd she was bred by and her stunning sire who's known for putting on snug udders, length of body and strong loplines, in which he did pass on to Taffy.  I intended to keep Taffy for some time but what I didn't see coming was the opportunity to bring in 2 wonderful does from 2 exceptional herds just after I purchased Taffy.  The only shortcoming that I have seen thus far that put Taffy on the sale list would be that I'd like to see more milk in the pail, I've just decided to move my herd in the direction of those 2 new comers as my foundation does and work off of their genetics.  I will be slowly letting go of other does as well.  

~ Available Adult Bucks ~

None at this time