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Page Updated:  3/05/2023

Please visit the SALES POLICY page for all information related to purchasing an animal from us.

If you are new to goats, please see our
BASIC CARE & GENERAL INFO page as well as the FAVORITE LINKS page for helpful information to prepare for bringing your new goats home!

~ Available 2023 Kids ~

Coming Soon!

~ Available Does ~

Dam/Daughter Pair - $650 - PENDING TO JS
Due to Libby's small stature, I think she'd do best staying with her dam and therefor I am letting them go only together.


Sunset Knoll BM Jaded Lady

DOB:  3/16/2021

Dam:  Sunset Knoll HS Crystal Blue

Sire:  Elfin Acres BR Beaumont *B

Jade is not a cull, I just need to consider making some room before more kids arrive.  She freshened last year with a lovely udder that was snug & well attached.  Her teats were small (but will continue to grow with each consecutive freshening) but her orfices expressed milk easily and she displayed a promising medial.  Would love to see how her udder develops more with her next freshening.  She's also a dream on the milk stand, so calm and gentle which is a staple of her friendly, sweet personality. 


The only reason Jade is at the bottom of the "keeper" list of my milking does is because she hates to be led by the collar, it's not pretty.  She's puppy-dog sweet, she loves her people and thinks she still needs to be in your lap.  

Sunset Knoll H Lady Liberty 

DOB:  6/18/22

Dam:  Sunset Knoll HS Jaded Lady

Sire:  CUatLilRedBarn Hoke


Libby had a very small birth weight of 1 pound and she's maintained a slow, yet steady weight gain.  I have allowed her extra time with her dam to ensure lots of extra milk and time to thrive in a new herd. 


Libby is a lap goat.  She loves people and is so mellow and cooperative, she's a favorite with everyone who meets her. 


Libby is disbudded and UTD on wormings and vaccinations. 

~ Available Adult Bucks ~

None at this time

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