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Page Updated:  03/19/2024

Please visit the SALES POLICY page for all information related to purchasing an animal from us.

If you are new to goats, please see our
BASIC CARE & GENERAL INFO page as well as the FAVORITE LINKS page for helpful information to prepare for bringing your new goats home!

Does due to kid Spring 2024 and resulting kids will be weaned in June. 
ome kids may be available sooner as bottle babies to approved homes only.

~ Available 2024 Doe Kids ~


S5 Doe - Unregistered Pet
DOB: 4/08

Available once weaned in June OR more immediately with her dam, Prim, below.  We had planned to keep this little girl but unfortunately she was born with a split teat (possibly due to the light linebreeding as none are known in her immediately lineage) so I will not be using her in my breeding program.  She'll make a lovely pet at a discounted price.

~ Available 2024 Buck Kids ~

None at this time.

~ Available 2024 Wethers ~

Photo Coming Soon!


S5 Doe - Unregistered Pet


~ Available Does ~

Camanna PK Primrose's Promise 2023

Camanna PK Primrose's Promise

VGGV84 @ 1-04


DOB:  2/21/2022

Sire:  Wood Bridge Farm Promise Kept

Dam:  Camanna AE Indigo Arietta Rose V87


Available once her doe kid above is weaned in June OR more immediately in milk with her kid. 

Prim was a very impressive yearling first freshener, scoring a very nice Linear Appraisal score under the new rating system for immature does (holding them to the expectation of a mature doe).  All characteristic and trait scores are listed on her page.  I was quite happy with her FF udder, great production with having had quads, good medial and teat placement, nice soft texture, milks out nicely and overall showed lots of promise.  This year she only had a single and she's not filling as nicely as she was with quads of course but is still my top producer.  I've been on the fence about keeping her or letting her go as my plan with her was always to breed her to HetlandCreek ZZ Black Hawk for some linebreeding on Drops of Jupiter, but that resulted in a split teat and I don't want to repeat that.  So, I'll let her go.

~ Available Bucks ~

None at this time.

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