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Sunset Knoll BH Pop Rocks GGGV84

Barn Name:  Poppy

ADGA Reg No:  D2233584

DOB:  9/23/2021 (single)



Color:  Black with Chocolate & White (somatic mutation?)

Eyes:  Brown

Horns:  Disbudded

Inbreeding COI:  16.5%


Top Contributors: 

  3.93% - GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter ++*B EEE 91

  2.11% - SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M EEVE90

  1.20% - SGCH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey 4*M EEEE91 ELITE


Poppy is a rather heavy linebreeding on GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter ++*B EEE91 and SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3-M EEVE90.  Her dam has a nicely shaped, well attached udder that milks out so well with large orifices however, I haven't seen as much production from her has I'd like.  Her sire comes from a long line of gorgeous "E" udders with nice capacity and I'm hoping for some improvement from him over her dam.

Poppy is a sweet little puppy-dog goat.  She was our only fall kid born and from the day she was born she enjoyed the extra, undivided attention she received.  Poppy may not be one of my leaner, more 'dairy' goats but she is already displaying a nice wedge shape with her depth and width under her shaggy winter coat but still maintains nice length of body.  I can't wait to clip her this coming summer and see what we're really working with despite the awkward yearling stage she's entering! 


Poppy's color is a little bit of a mystery so I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what she produces in her offspring.  We've determined her dam is gold carrying chocolate, and we know her sire is black.  Together the most likely color combo from these two colors is gold, black or chocolate.  Poppy however is black with chocolate which is unusual.  It makes her look as if she has moonspots, which I don't suspect is the case because no where in her well documented pedigree are any goats visibly carrying moonspots or to be mentioned of having any.  Sooo, it's thought she might be a somatic mutation which I find quite interesting and has been something new to learn about!  

Poppy will be a first freshener Spring 2023.

~ Highlights ~

  • 1st place in the 2 Year Old class (despite technically still just under 2) at the 2023 Clackamas County Fair

  • 2nd place Yearling Milker at the 2023 Oregon State Fair

~ Kidding History ~

Linear Traits

~ Linear Appraisals ~

Structural Traits

~ Milk Production ~

~ Pedigree ~

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Sunset Knoll BH Pop Rocks

GGGV 84 (FF @ 1-09)















GCH HetlandCreek HB Swan Harmonica 6*M VVEE90

2019 ADGA Nat'l 1st Place 3-Year Old

GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter

++*B EEE 91 2015 ADGA Nat'l Premier Sire & sire to the 2015 ADGA Nat'l Get of Sire!

Camanna PB Union of Love +B

VVV 87

Poppy Patch HB Surfer Girl  

VVVV 87 (FF)

~ Pedigree in Photos ~

20230322_080229 (1).jpg

~ Dam ~

Bellafire EN Saltwater Taffy 2023

Bellafire EN Saltwater Taffy EEEV88

~ Sire ~


HetlandCreek ZZ Black Hawk *B VVE87

~ Dam's Dam ~

Taffy dam.jpg
Taffy dam rear udder.jpg

Bellafire BP Gidget 1*M VEVV87

Photos courtesy of Bellafire Farm

~ Sire's Dam ~

GCH Hetlandcreek HB Swan Harmonica

GCH HetlandCreek HB Swan Harmonica 6*M VEEE90

Photos courtesy of HetlandCreek

~ Linebreeding Reference ~

GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter ++*B EEE91

GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter ++*B EEE91

Photos courtesy of Alethia Homestead

~ Sire's Paternal Granddam ~

Seirene Song

Algedi Farm CK Seirene Song 6*M VEVE 91

Photos courtesy of HetlandCreek

~ Linebreeding Reference ~


SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M EEVE90

Photos courtesy of Alethia Homestead

~ Linebreeding Reference ~

SGCH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey 4*M EEEE91 ELITE
Tupelo Honey Udder 2.jfif

SGCH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey 4*M EEEE91 Elite

Photos courtesy of Algedi Farm

~ Linebreeding Reference ~

Rosashrn's Under My Thumb

SG Rosashrn's Under My Thumb ++*B

Photos courtesy of Rosasharn Farm

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