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Old Mountain Farm Stag Fille EEEV89

Barn Name:  Filly

ADGA Reg No:  D001925935

DOB:  3/11/2018 (Twin)



Color:  Buckskin w/White on Poll

Eyes:  Brown

Horns:  Disbudded

Inbreeding COI:  1.56%

Registered Progeny:

Sweeter Than Honey Stag Moose

Sweeter Than Honey Chic-Fil-A

Sweeter Than Honey Filler-Up

Sunset Knoll BH June Bug

Sunset Knoll BH Ichabod Crane

Sunset Knoll H Fawna

Sunset Knoll H Navvi

Sunset Knoll H Xiamara

Top Contributors: 

  1.56% - Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer V+E 86


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Filly is one of the last daughters of SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B VEE88 (scored as a yearling!) as he sadly passed in 2018.  Breeder, Cheryle Moore-Smith, stated that he was her idea of the perfect buck with regards to his conformation and that "he consistently put a stamp on all his progeny; one of long lean, dairy elegance and gentle, willing personality".  That certainly fits the bill for Filly with her sweet nature and lovely general appearance being sharp, long bodied, very level, flat boned, and smoothly blended throughout with properly angulated rear legs.

I adore Filly's large, round, expressive eyes that are like a window to her sensitive, sweet soul.  She is a dream to work with, super cooperative and perfectly mannered.  Filly has a beautiful, shapely, very well attached, mammary with great teat placement and nice height and arch.  While all are very nice, I'd still love to see a little improvement in the extension of the fore udder, medial suspensory ligament and better productivity in her kids.  Structurally, I would like to see Filly's front legs set a little further back to be square under her shoulders with a stronger, deeper brisket and a wider rump but that's about it.  I think she's gorgeous and I'm so happy to have her!  She's a wonderful foundation doe to build upon!

Filly fell ill early in her lactation in 2023 - of course the year we were to milk test, finally received a schedule date for Linear Appraisal, AND had planned to participate in some open shows!  It was all we could do to get her healthy and keep her in milk, of course her production suffered greatly but she recovered and enjoyed being in the ring despite displaying very limited capacity!  

~ Highlights ~

  • Paternal half brother, Old Mountain Farm Brainstorm, was the 2017 ADGA Spotlight Sale buck who sold for $10,400.00.

  • Paternal half sibling, SG Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk +*B was the 2018 ADGA National Premier Sire.

  • Filly was the 2022 4-H Clackamas County Fair Reserve Grand Champion Best Doe in Show.  The judge commended Filly for stamping herself on her daughter, Sunset Knoll BH June Bug, winning them 1st Place Dam/Daughter (June also won Champion Junior Nigerian Dwarf).

  • Reserve Grand Champion at the 2023 Clackamas County Fair

  • 5th Place at 2023 Oregon State Fair

~ Kidding History ~

Linear Traits

~ Linear Appraisals ~

Structural Traits

~ Milk Production ~

~ Pedigree ~

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Old Mountain Farm Stag Fille




SG MCH Denning Hill Michi Kasu 1*M




Stonewall's India Wilkes



Honeysuckle Ridge Dakota



SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B VEV89

Old Mountain Farm Wirosa

Goodtime Bonnie 1*M






NC PromisedLand Legacy Lonnie 2*M VEE+86

NC PromisedLand BW Legacy +B+S



~ Pedigree in Photos ~

~ Dam ~
Old Mountain Farm Leeloni VVEE89 

Old Mountain Farm Leeloni
Leeloni 2023 6F

Photos courtesy of Old Mountain Farm

~ Dam's Dam ~
NC PromisedLand Legacy Lonnie VEE+86


Photo courtesy of Old Mountain Farm

~ Sire ~
SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B

Old Mountain Farm Stag ++B

Photos courtesy of Old Mountain Farm

Deldale Fawn 2_M EEEV91

Photos courtesy of Old Mountain Farm

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