Buck Services

We will occasionally offer "driveway" buck service.  All of our senior bucks have settled does and have kids on the ground.

Driveway servicing requires that you keep track of when your doe is coming into heat so that you can bring her to be serviced by our buck for a same day mating.  We do not offer overnight care or feeding.  You will be given an ADGA service memo on the day that you bring your doe.  All does brought to our farm must be in good health, and recently tested negative for CAE, CL and Johnes and must provide proof.  We  reserve the right to decline services at any time.  If your doe does not settle with the first attempt at breeding, you can bring her back for a second attempt the next time she cycles to try again at no additional charge. 



PLEASE NOTE:  only these listed bucks are available for buck service:  

~None at this time ~ 

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