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Dairy Goat Conformation

As kids are born and first fresheners begin to give us a sneak peak of their newly formed udders, I'm reminded of a wonderfully informative class I attended back in 2019 at the NWODGA Conference (I sure miss those!) and thought I'd share it. The class was "Easy Dairy Goat Conformation" by Melanie Fergason. Melanie did an amazing job with her presentation; explaining traits of the conformation from the ADGA Scorecard and comparing them to basic shapes in simple, easy to understand photos. She provided examples of what you do and don't want to see when looking at your goats' conformation.

Here, you will find that slide show and see the work she so thoughtfully put together and shared with us! (For those without Facebook access, I do have a Google Drive link available by request only).


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