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Page Updated: 5/17/2020

Kids will begin arriving in late February/early March 2020; those available will be placed on this page.  Occasionally we will offer some of our breeding stock for sale and you can find them here as well.  


It's that time of year to start making cuts in order to make space for some incoming kids.  These goats are quality keepers, I just have too many family members within my herd.  Please click on names to view individual pages.   At this time, these goats are available for reservation only and will be available within a couple of months.  $100 deposit will hold the animal for you.

Goats are a herd animal and are happiest (and easier to live with) when they have fellow goats to live with.  I will not sell just one goat unless you can prove you have more.   If you do not have another goat already, wethers make wonderful companions to another doe or buck.  Wethers are also wonderful pets and do not go through the hormonal cycles of does nor do they have the pungent smell of bucks. Available wethers can be purchased as companions for a discounted rate when purchased with a doe.

Available goats for sale on this site can be held with a $100 deposit.  All goats must be paid for in full before they can leave for their new homes.  At this time, I do NOT ship... local pick-up only please.  

Our herd is tested annually for CAE/CL/Johne's disease and continues to test NEGATIVE (lasted tested December 2019).

All goats sold will be disbudded, be up to date on shots, wormed if necessary, and have their hooves trimmed.  

Prices vary depending on conformation, genetics and milk production of dam.  

Wethers are $125.00 or $225.00/pair.  A companion wether can be purchased with any doeling for $100, pending availability.   


Discounts may be available for multi-goat purchases and/or those who participate in Linear Appraisal and DHIR.


Here are our guidelines for a good home:

  • As mentioned, goats are herd animals and we require that they have a buddy, preferably of a similar age and size.    

  • A securely fenced yard of adequate size where the goats will have plenty of room to run and play. Exercise is critical for maintaining appropriate weight.  Goats love to climb and to get onto things, many people offer large used cable spools, build decks or old children's play structures for their goats to play on.  

  • A sturdy draft-free shelter to provide protection from harsh weather and predators, with fresh bedding of straw or shavings. It is essential to the health of the goats that the bedding be cleaned out and replenished frequently.

  • A properly balanced diet is imperative to maintain good health. This includes a feed ration specifically formulated for dairy goats, good quality leafy hay (such as 2nd/3rd cutting Orchard Grass or Timothy - alfalfa is a great source of nutrition for does in milk), and lots of fresh water.  Clean, fresh water; mineral supplements; and hay should be available "free-choice" at all times.

  • A yearly visit by a veterinarian for a well check and annual injections of CD/T and Bo-Se (if you are uncomfortable injecting these yourself).

  • Regular hoof trimming (every 4 to 6 weeks).  Proper hoof care reduces the risk of injuries and helps prevent diseases like laminitis and foot rot.    

  • Parasite Control (Deworming) - We strongly recommend having fecal tests performed at least once each year. Parasites can become resistant to dewormers and the fecal test will show whether or not you need to use a different product to treat whatever parasites are indicated.  Veterinarians offer fecal testing but there are also some online resources that are often offered at a more economical rate than many veterinarians.  Feel free to contact me for those references.

~ Available 2020 Kids ~


Sunset Knoll HS Oleander

DOB:  4/13/2020 - Available after weaning


Buckskin w/White; White Poll & Frosted Ears - Brown Eyes/Disbudded

Sire:  Castle Rock Huron Sunset *B

Dam:  SG The Solway Farm Marigold +EEE 88

~ Available Adult Does ~

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~ Available Adult Bucks ~

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