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Page Updated: 11/03/2019

UPDATE:  All kids have arrived and those that are still available are listed below.  We will be reducing the number of adult does we keep and they will be available in June and July after their kids are weaned.

Goats are a herd animal and are happiest (and easier to live with) when they have fellow goats to live with.  I will not sell just one goat unless you can prove you have more.  If you do not have another goat already, wethers make wonderful companions to another doe or buck.  Wethers are also wonderful pets and do not go through the hormonal cycles of does nor do they have the pungent smell of bucks.  

Available goats for sale on this site can be held with a $100 deposit.  All goats must be paid for in full before they can leave for their new homes.  At this time, I do NOT ship... local pick-up only please.  

Our herd is tested annually for CAE/CL/Johne's disease and continues to test NEGATIVE (lasted tested December 2018).

All goats sold will be disbudded, be up to date on shots, and have their hooves trimmed.  


Prices vary depending on conformation, genetics and milk production of dam.  


Wethers are $125.00 or $225.00/pair.  A companion wether can be purchased with any doeling for $100, pending availability.   


Discounts may be available for multi-goat purchases and/or those who participate in Linear Appraisal and DHIR. 

~ Available 2019 Kids ~

Sunset Knoll M Honeycomb

Dam:  Camanna HS Piper ++V+82

Sire:   New Creations RM Monet II *B

Doe, born 3/16/19.  Weaned and ready for her new home.  $250

No. in Litter:  1


Nice pedigree and udders behind this gal... very pleased with dam's first freshening udder (picture shown).  Sire's dam is a Superior Genetics doe and scored VEEV88 and her dam also has several SG and Champions in her lineage.  Her dam was just appraised at ++V+82 (2 years old, first freshening).  The appraiser was very pleased with her dam and expects that she will mature into a very nice doe, exceeding Honeycomb's granddam's score of VVEV87. 

Honestly, the longer she's here the more I think that maybe she should stay!  Honeycomb is already displaying a really nice body capacity and is balanced with length and levelness.  She has the width and power than many in my herd are lacking and so much room in the escutcheon.  If I wasn't trying to keep the room required for spring kids, she'd be staying!

Camanna HS Piper FF 2019, single kid

~ Available Adult Does ~

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New Creations JS Midnight Sun

Sire:  New Creations BB Josiah *B

Dam:  Mystic Acres Calamity EEEV89

$350 Bred to Castle Rock Huron Sunset *B

They had beautiful kids last year, all buckskin  in pattern and 2/3 were blue eyed and polled!  Click HERE to view 2019 kids from this pairing.

DOB:  5/26/17


Midnight is a sweet little doe who loves attention and genuinely seems to enjoy being on the milk stand.  At the time I began drying her off she was averaging about 1.5 pounds of milk at morning milking and fed her triplets throughout the rest of the day; an impressive first lactation for a smaller statured doe!  I'm pretty impressed with this young lady!  As I have to keep my numbers low for lack of pasture space, I've decided to focus on just a couple of family lines and am reducing my herd to a manageable number within those lines.  

~ Available Adult Bucks ~

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